Tiger Electronics, Inc is an electronic sales organization incorporated in 2001. Sales coverage includes Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Route Island, and Connecticut.
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Hot Products at Tiger Electronics

The Sanyo Denki 9WPA Type fan achieves excellent IP68 water and dust protection while maintaining stable operation in harsh environments. Its compact 40mm frame size is suitable for many applications including base stations, EV charging and surveillance cameras. Available with PWM speed control. For more information, click HERE


Sanyo Denki introduces its NEW Long Life Fans.  Available in a wide range of sizes, these fans can operate continuously for over 20 years.  Applications include Servers and various Communication and Industrial Equipment. Ideal for devices that must operate without maintenance for extended period of time. For more information see link at:  https://products.sanyodenki.com/en/sanace/dc/long-life-fan/