Tiger Electronics, Inc is an electronic sales organization incorporated in 2001. Sales coverage includes Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, Route Island, and Connecticut.

Tiger Electronics, Inc

Tiger Electronics, Inc is a 20 year old, 9 person Manufacturers Representative based in the Boston area. Our 6 technical sales rep cover New England including NY and NJ.  Our product range is electro-mechanical, passive, power, batteries, LEDs, switches, relays and single board computers.  Our services include, design services, contract manufacturing, PCB, PCBA, flex circuits, cable assemblies, battery packs, user interface, metal and plastics. Our industries include, military, medical, industrial, and consumer.


Featured Product:

New Sanyo Denki 60x38mm Fan for 2U Servers and 5G applications

5G wireless technology delivers higher data speed and massive network capacity. The heat generated and the product density are increasing. As a result, a cooling fan with high air flow and high static pressure is required. In addition, a reduction of power consumption is also emphasized for hitting sustainability targets and reducing operational costs. The Sanyo Denki “San Ace 60 9HVA” was developed to this specific application. The 60×38mm size is primarily used in the 2U server.